The Transactions of the Academy of Science - St. Louis


The Transactions of the Academy of Science - St. Louis


The founders of the Academy of Science of St. Louis envisioned the mission of the Academy to be a global one. To that end, the Academy research publication, Transactions, was widely distributed to libraries and research institutions throughout the world. These documents still exist in the original print form and are considered an important resource for many disciplines of science and engineering. Google has made them available digitally, while this collection catalogs the transactions in a searchable format and links to the Google digital copies.


The Academy of Science - St. Louis

Collection Items

Journal of Proceedings, pg 305
G. G. Shumard- Geol. of N. Mexico, pg 341
Seyffarth- Leeds Mummy- Coffin, pg 356
B.F. Shumard- New Fossils, pg 387
Hilgard- Organotaxis, pg 416
Engelmann- Dicecious Grasses, pg 431
Prout- Bryozoa, 3D Series, pg…

Engelmann- Elevation of St. Louis above the Gulf of Mexico, pg 663
Engelmann- Meteorological Observations in 1859, pg 693
Engelmann- Meteorological peculiarity of the Spring in 1860, pg 704
Engelmann- Notes of the Grape-vines of Missouri, pg…

Bigelow- On Atmospheric Waves from Wast to East along the Great Lakes, pg 185

Engelmann, G. - Meteorological Tables for 1860 and 1861, pg 68
Engelmann, G.- Difference of Temperature and Relative Humidity in City and Country, pg 70
Engelmann, G.-…

Bandelier- Observations of Ozone, pg 417

Broadhead- Ancient Graves in Pike County, pg 223
Broadhead- Coal Measures of Missouri, pg 311

Engelmann- Winter Temperature in St. Louis, pg 222, 264
Engelmann- Late Spring in St. Louis, pg…

Engelmann- North American Species of Juncus (continued), pg 459-490
Engelmann- Meteorological Tables for 1866 & '67, pg 505-506
Engelmann- Annual Address as President for 1865, pg 580
Engelmann- Annual Address as President for 1866, pg…

Officers of the Academy, pg 3

Charter, pg 5-6

Constitution, pg 7-11

By-Laws, pg 12-15
Engelmann, G. - Notes on the Genus Yucca, pg 17-54

Riley- On a new Genus in the Lepidopterous Family Tineidae, with Remarks on…

Riley- Hackberry Butterflies, Descriptions of the Early Stages of Apatura Lycaon, Fabr., and Apatura Herse, Fabr. ; with Remarks on their Synonymy, pg 193

Riley- On the Oviposition of the Yucca Moth, pg 208

Engelmann, G. Notes on the Genus…

Schmidt, A. - Iron Manufacture in Missouri: A General Review of the Metallurgical Districts and their Resources, pg 261

Riley, C.V.- Remarks of Canker- Worms and Description of a new genus of Phalaenidae, pg 273

Riley, C.V. - Notes on the…

Title of Vol. III., 1868- 1877, pg (i)
Contents of Vol. III., 1868- 1877, pg (iii)
Officers of the Academy in 1877, pg (v)
Members of the Academy in 1877, pg (vi)


Engelmann, G. About the Oaks of the United States, pg 385,…
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